Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Me, who?

Ha ha...I know. Bad attempt. Never mind, I am not gonna give up. 


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last birth: food habits point towards Italy

this blog belongs to me and only me. but there are people whose opinions, suggestions and advice mean a lot. i sincerely wish to thank someone for being a constant pillar of support in everything that i do. but that does not mean that he gets to mess around with MY blog. introducing,

the husband

the funniest day of his life was on the 17th of November 1996, when he proposed to me. it took him 17 years to realize it. but after that there was no looking back. he started to take life seriously and became a stand-up comedian. so when he's not meeting clients for his print and communications business, he's practising for his act on the dais.

p.s. he loves his name. he thinks it's unique...Rajesh

last birth: food habits point towards Kerala

the son


goes by the name Rishi and takes his name too seriously. loves food, coloring, travel, video games and WWE...in that order. he's my official food taster. loves cooking and reacts angrily when thrown out of the kitchen. salads are his favorites (yes i know, not very likely of kids to relish them)

last birth: food habits point towards bovine creatures :P

the daughter


goes by the name Mahika, popularly known as Amu. thinks she's aliya bhatt. will probably get married to nobita one day and have doraemon as a pet. loves tattoos. loves reading (and does a good job at it) anything and everything. can make perfectly round chapatis, but uses a glass to make round pooris. keeps feeding strays. can dance like a dream. strawberries, papaya, sausages, breads, cheese, milk, yogurt, donuts.

last birth: shucks!!! the compass broke...

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