Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mumbai rains!!!

I don't know what you think of the rains. But for me the rains are magical. They bring along with them,
* a hope of hapiness and freshness
* fragrance of wet earth
* colourful umbrellas, raincoats and gumboots
* puddles everywhere (not to forget potholes)
* masala chai and pakodas
* cool breeze
* colourful slippers
* new planters for repotting
* weekend getaways
* holidays due to waterlogging
masaledaar butte

and a lot of joy...

The knoll that always appeared dry and barren suddenly manages to get itself a bright lush green outfit as if it has just plucked a new leaf out of life.

The gentle breeze suddenly decides to transform itself into a strong current of air, provoking the
curtains to sway back and forth, taking it under it's magical prowess.

I sit sipping my tea,
It starts raining heavily, a downpour as they say
I rush to shut the windows,
I forget for a while that I was relaxing by an open window, my tea on my favourite piece of furniture.
I rush back and I see that the rains have already done the needful.
They have decorated the table with tiny droplets and a few bougainvillea flowers.
They have created a beautiful moment for me.

I stand by the balcony and see that the cherry umbrella that was packed away has finally breathed a sigh of relief when it felt the tiny droplets touched the fine weave of the cloth...

The motorcyclist has left his bike and his yellow helmet, maybe he wanted to escape the rains...

And I see small circles everywhere..

The fresh green makeover

Showing off the new raincoat...

I can go on and on...but for now let me take pleasure in enjoying the rains. And make some pakodas and chai for the husband, the son and the daughter :)