Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The stepwell near Connaught Place

A few weeks back I was watching Malishka on TV, gallivanting through the streets of Delhi, both old and new, showcasing the splendours that lay hidden in some of the busy lanes of the capital city. Delhi, definitely, is one of the cities that can flash with pride its resplendent and glorious past through its various monuments.

And one SHOULD visit the capital city to feel and experience the magnificence and flamboyance of the Mughal Empire that ruled it...once upon a time. Amidst the silence of a bygone era lies the cacophony of a city that can throw the most staggering surprise to the one who has an eye for architectural marvels. Yours truly was one of them. I was fascinated by this particular step well, right in the heart of the city, a few kilometres away from the famous CP (Connaught Place).  I remember Malishka showing it on TV and the mind had made up its mind to see the place, to be there, to breathe the air.

Since this was my first visit to the city, I had my friend Kabir take me around the place. He had spent a good part of his life growing up in Delhi but had never heard of a step well right in the centre of the city, that too close to one of his regular hangouts, CP. In plain words, he refused to believe of its existence. And to add to my woes, none of the rickshaw wallahs had heard of the place either.

We stood there like anomalies. And then, suddenly, he walked towards us, like Zeus. A sturdy figure with a few days old stubble, he spoke, "Kay chal rahya se?" On hearing "Agrasen ki Baoli', he told us he'd charge Rs.50/- and to hop into his auto if we agreed. Of course, we agreed!

Finally, winding our way through twisted alleys and lanes we reached the place we had set out for. 'Agrasen Ki Baoli' (Agrasen's Stepwell). And believe was worth it!

Here it is,

Read about it here


Was it difficult reaching the place?
I would not say no. We had a tough time explaining it to people that a place like that does exist. But I am sure you will get people to help you reach there like we did. If you are a walkaholic with a keen interest in triangulation, walk it up, I say!

Is it a safe place?
Tough it's an isolated structure, it is a safe place. But to keep your fears at bay, it would be ideal to travel with someone familiar to you.