Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I suffer from a foot fetish. So wherever I go, mandatorily I have to click pictures of my feet with shoes, without shoes, one foot, both feet, with anklets, without them...sometimes only the footwear. These are some of the shots.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, 2010. Our annual holiday.

SECMOL Peak, Ladakh, 2013. After an hour long trek we reached closer to the summit. A break was what we were looking for!

In Wayanad, 2012. My travel companion was in a not-so-nice mood and I decided to take a walk in the nearby tea estate. I clicked this picture because I didn't have much to do other that contemplating if I had to go ahead with my travel plans with him or march forward on my own.
Dubai 2014. Our first international holiday with the kids and I am shooting my feet, enjoying an abra ride on the creek. The weather was chilly and the cold breeze only added to it. 

Dal Lake, Kashmir, India - 2013. En route to Ladakh we halted at Srinagar for a day where we took a shikara ride on the beautiful Dal Lake.
Kottayam, India 2012. Taken on a canoe.
Karnataka, India 2012. We were at the Hampi ruins. Shot at the small pond inside Krishna Bazaar.