Thursday, August 21, 2014

Writing Challenge - Day 2

She looked at herself in the mirror. Those hollow eyes with creases around it bore a confused look. She puckered her lips like she was ready to kiss her own reflection and then drew back. The mole on her right cheek, the scar on her upper lip and forehead, the nose-ring - they all looked like they were always there, like they were permanent residents on her face. Though she didn't recognize any of them. She touched the mole, felt it, took a deep breath and bent on the wash basin to splash water on her face. She walked out of the bathroom.

These days her mornings were pretty relaxed. The kids had moved out. The husband was traveling most of the time. She was in no particular hurry to wake up early. After all she didn't have many chores to do around the house, except for a little gardening and a wee bit of cooking. But there was something that was bothering her. She felt this constant presence of someone in the house. Someone who kept the coffee jar in the freezer the other day. Someone who left the geyser on. The microwave door too was left open. These things were disturbing her. She felt nervous, irritated and annoyed. She scolded the house help for being so negligent, who swore on her five kids that she wasn't responsible for any of the actions.

She even discussed this with her husband over the phone. All her time and energy was focussed upon trying to find the culprit. She started keeping a watch on her house help, but nothing worked out.

One afternoon, she was woken out of her slumber. She rushed to the door and peeped through the pinhole. The courier. He asked her name. She stood there looking at him, a blank stare. She tried hard, her ears constantly hearing the man asking for her name. Name… name...

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